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You Are Loved, Learning Love

You Are Loved art project grew by two today. Learning Love is the featured artwork above. I worked on it today while watching Pope Francis’ speech at the White House about love for the homeless and hurting. He is an inspiring human. Learning to love is a life long process. We rarely begin that process by learning to love ourselves. The best of us through history have said, we must love ourselves before we can truly love another. shows us how to face down our inner critic—and start accepting (and admiring) ourselves for who we are.

Deepak Chopra’s article How to Love Yourself Unconditionally, talks of facing down our inner critic and instructs us how to start accepting and admiring ourselves for who we are. I appreciate and find wisdom within his message.

I was listening to a How To Love Yourself Video by Leo from who says he knows how we can stop the guilt and shame now and find happiness with who we are. He speaks from a very personal platform and he has empathy. I learn from him without judgment which is what he wants me to do for myself. Interesting.

The point is to reach out, seek your own growth with intention and purpose. It will be as simple or difficult as you need but begin to think of yourself in terms of understanding, forgiveness and love. You deserve it and you are loved.

Artist Artwork, Portraits

Artist artwork featuring fine digital portraits by artist Mary Clanahan. Featured image of band Haim called Haim Fans.

Artist, Digital Portraits

Favim Opi, Face Art Series 2012 by Maryzen from the Maryzen Art Gallery. Digital artist turning portraits into cool digital art.

Portrait Artist

I am a portrait artist, I use digital art software to digitally paint a portrait and use overlays to embellish. Portrait artists are a special kind, respect!

Art Inspiration Mother Earth

Art Inspiration Series 2013, digital art inspired by Mother Earth. by Mary Clanahan see more digital art in the Mary Zen Art Gallery.

Tegan and Sara, Music Is Art

Tegan and Sara portrait art featured in the Music Is Art Series by Mary Clanahan.

Native American Art

Native American art history and links. Images of Native American inspired art by artist Mary Clanahan. Resource and research links for Native American art and history.

Pattern Portrait Collage Art

Pattern Portrait Collage image gallery and links to more portrait art by fine digital artist Mary Clanahan

Pattern Portrait Collage Art

Pattern portrait collage art by Mary Clanahan. Fet A Casa in Green. More pattern portrait collage art in the Portrait Art Gallery.

Portrait Digital Art

Fine art digital portraits by artist Mary Clanahan. Digital portrait art displayed in an image gallery.

Portrait Collage Art

Portrait Collage Art by fine digital artist Mary Clanahan. Portrait collage art in an image gallery and links to more art.