I am a Portrait Artist.  My portraits are very different that the usual sketch or painted portrait. I use digital software to recreate a photograph. I add overlays to the original and give it life with the subjects favorite things about life. I can allow the original photo to come through or I can give the portrait such a new look, you wouldn’t recognize the original photo at all.

Portrait Artist CommissionsI specialize in bringing images together to create one piece. One of the portraits I made last year was of a father and his children. They lost their dad to illness many years before and had no real photo of them all together. I took an older image of the father holding his prize catch, a ginormous fish, and melded it with a photo of his two children holding their own prize catches. The resulting artwork made it look as though they were all together that day, holding up their prizes and smiling with joy.

In another portrait, I brought together a Grandmother and her granddaughter for a portrait that never was. I took images of both and gave life to them as one.

I created artwork for a 1-year-old child’s birthday. It was a special celebration as the child was adopted and given such wonderful parents. I created this child’s portrait with love, allowing it to tell his story. It was composed of a map of the once unknown world to represent his adventures yet to come. Four stars, one in each corner, to represent those that gave him life and those that give him life. I added several other artistic features that represents the meaningfulness of his life. The happy parents loved the portrait!

I love creating artwork for people who have lost in some way or another. It made me ridiculously happy to share these portraits with those I created them for. These are my best moments as an artist.

I am accepting commission work once again. I was up to my eyeballs last year with commissions and I’m finally free to welcome more. Portraits are my specialty when it comes to commissions but I can make you any kind of art you want. Please, feel free to contact me here or at Twitter @maryzenx or  on Facebook.