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I’ve gotten great feedback about my city art series or cityscapes. I created them with my favorite cities in mind. There are city bits of buildings, bridges and neighborhoods from St. Louis,  Boston, Chicago and New Orleans as well as entire city blocks from New York City.

Thank you for visiting my art website. I appreciate you and hope you know that you are loved.

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City Art Project

This city art gallery is not new, I began the city art series Dec of 2013. It started with some artwork I made for a city garden project. I liked the look of them and the way they made me feel while making them so much, I kept going. I have quite a few city art pieces now and feel confident enough in them to add them to my Fine Art America store as city art prints for sale. I’m proud of my art but most proud of my city art. I make commissioned pieces!

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The City Art Collection is available for purchase online at Fine Art America. They are prints on canvas, archival paper, metal and acrylic. Prices vary upon size. Standard paper prints start at $11.72 for 8×5 art print. You can even choose my artwork as your pillow or blanket. That is so cool! If you do not see artwork you would like to have as a print, let me know and I will add it to the store if at all possible.