Portrait Digital Art.. Portraits are fun to make. I use just about every digital edit I can think of when making portrait art. I tend to save my art after every 3rd or 4th edit, finding each change something wonderful. So making a series is not a problem for me. Each one of my piece can stand alone but when seen with the entire series, they really make so much sense. They live a life as a whole even when 1 of 100.

When I make digital art, I begin with and idea and build from there. I will either start with a blank page or a single image. I set the stage by making changes to that blank or new image until I feel I can add another layer. I build out from that first step until I sometimes have over 25 separate images or parts of images locked together to make one piece. Layering is a thrill, each time you add something new, you get to apply hundreds of edits to make hundreds of changes. I am still discovering new pathways, which buttons to click and where they will get me. When I create portraits, I follow familiar paths but it’s time to explore new ways to make portrait art.

To see more of my portrait digital art, please visit the Portrait Art Gallery