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You want art galleries? I’ve got you covered!  You will find most of the artwork I’ve created since 2011 in the art galleries listed in the drop-down menu from Art Galleries in the main menu. Or click one of the links below. I am proud of the artwork I’ve made over the last few years and hope you will like it all. Please visit Fine Art America to see some of my artwork for sale.

I’ll share with you a couple of links to my most used and trusted art making tools, PicMonkey and Corel PaintShop Pro I typically start with PicMonkey and end in Corel. Monkey lets me edit and overlay images using simple terms and Corel allows me to add effects like special lighting and my favorite topography. Then and most importantly, Corel offers me sizing options proper for printing large format artwork like the prints I upload to Fine Art America for sell.

Impressionism Art

Impressionism Art Gallery.. This is the most visited gallery in the fine digital art website. My impressionist style art is created with digital art software. I know it’s a departure from the typical idea of what impressionism is but I am willing to push the box a bit to make the art I love. So, digital impressionism it is!

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Landscape Art

Landscape Art Gallery.. This is the newest gallery in the art website. I have made enough landscape art to give them their own gallery. Most of them are in the impressionist style but some are watercolor and some are digital acrylic. I hope you like them all as much as I love them.

Shop my landscape art prints on canvas, poster, metal and acrylic at Fine Art America.

Abstract Art

Abstract Art Gallery.. This is my favorite gallery and my favorite art to create. Abstract art is my truest expression. I let the world go and simply make what my heart feels. I love to blindly create abstracts while inspired by all the things that make me who I am. I will always make abstracts.

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City Art

The city art series started with some artwork I made for a city garden project. I liked the look of them and the way they made me feel while making them so much, I kept going. I created them with my favorite cities in mind. There are bits and buildings from Boston, Chicago and New Orleans as well as entire city blocks from New York City.

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Portrait Art

Visit the Portrait Art Gallery to see some of my digital portraits. The Portrait Art series began in early 2014. I create these as fan-art because I am truly a fan. I choose only those subjects who touch my heart in some way. I hope you dig these, I really loved making them. The series has grown with my newest love, pattern portraits.

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Layer Art

Layer art is my favorite type of digital art to make. I probably say that about all types of digital art but I really mean it this time. Layer art makes my soul happy and is beyond challenging. I make layer art with Corel software/ Using topography effects, I rewrite the edges and give them a new mathematical equation. Simple but not at all easy. When I get it right, it’s really right. There are so many possible wrong equations and only one that’s right. At times, I cycle through hundreds of wrong numbers to get to that one perfect scenario. It is worth the effort every single time.

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