Art Inspiration Mother Earth is a lovely series.  The first piece in this series was one called Mother Earth, shown above. It was liberating to make and I received praise from many different types of people. One of those types was an online magazine who wanted to feature it on the back cover. I said YES and am happy to see my work there with so many other wonderful artists. The Mother Earth artwork only has one overlay which is unusual for me.

When I begin making a piece with the idea of pleasing myself, the work comes out very different from when I am thinking of others and how my art will make them feel. One of the biggest differences is that I don’t overworking the art. I do a lot of exaggerating because I can and I love excess in collage but with others in mind, my touch is much gentler and my layers less. I get to that aha! moment when the piece screams at me to stop. I need more practice at not overworking so I’ll be creating lots more digital art for the Art Inspiration Series.