Art prints for sale or free? It’s a real commitment. Selling one’s artwork requires one to seek assistance from a professional printing company if they do not have the equipment necessary. I printed some of my first art series not for sale, but for my sister’s refrigerator. My very first art series was about colors and their relationships. Starting The Relationship of Color series was a brilliant idea in 2005 and is still a brilliant idea in 2013. Memory; My first camera, a cup of orange jello and sunshine. Close up shots of jello with dancing light is awesome. I moved on to my color glass collection, blues, greens, yellows and oranges. Thus, the series about the relationships of colors. Maybe I’ll put that series on the website. They are lovely. The photos I printed for my sister’s refrigerator was a grouping of the color aqua,  I created a college with them, it looked great. I’ve had limited access to print for digital art though, getting my art to pay for itself is tricky.

I am much closer to the goal of printed artwork but find much apprehension at the idea. I want to see my digital art on my walls and to able to share them with anyone who wants. I would need to charge a minimal fee for print and shipping, still researching my options. In the meantime, I am careful to use my own images or legal non-copyright images from Wikipedia or Creative Commons free images. There are many photographs available for college art. I create layers with images and manipulate those layers with many various principles such as color, light and transparency. Keeping in mind, adding each layer or image will change the preceding layer or image. Moving on to print seems natural.

What will I print first? Gives me butterflies. I would pick my latest artwork from the Urbicolous series and the Mapping Bridges series oh and Living On series too. I’m getting better at the art part of digital art. I think the art part of digital art is in the choice, placement and manipulation of images used as layers. Images come together to create a new image of a collective. I am loving the history lesson I’ve gotten from the many images I’ve used lately. There is something special about the idea and heroism surrounding the world of aviation. The historical record is massive and gives great inspiration to the artwork. The idea of these colleges printed in large format is exciting.

As always, I am accepting advice about print options. If you know, please share 🙂 – Mary

Update!! My art is now available as prints on canvas, archival paper, metal, acrylic as well as greeting cards and phone covers. Below is my Fine Art America Store. You may also visit my FAA site called Mary Clanahan Artist Website