Portrait Art
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Abstract Portrait Art

This is an abstract portrait I’ve been working on, it wants to be complete but I’m not so sure. It should be brighter but will not respond to my edits. Odd, I’ll trust it for now or at least until I can update my Corel PaintShop Pro x7 art software. I should invest in x9 Ultimate, perhaps this was a nudge from Corel, in which case, I’ll ignore it and begin edits on this abstract portrait tomorrow. See more portraits in the portrait art gallery or check out my portrait art prints.

Abstract Art Gallery

Abstract Art Gallery

Visit my abstract art gallery to see more of my awkward attempt at defining and then redefining what it means to make abstract art in 2017. Hope you enjoy the enough to check out my art prints in Fine Art America.

You Are Loved Art

You Are Loved

You Are Loved art series is an ongoing attempt to connect. I do believe in equality, honesty and love. The easiest of these to give and receive is love. We must start somewhere. You are loved!

Portrait Art

Vintage Portrait Art

Vintage portrait art called Vintage Smile, displayed as an image, by digital portrait artist Mary Clanahan. Marrying vintage images with digital art.

Tegan and Sara Art

Making Tegan and Sara art today, it kinda rocks my socks. I have the Tegan and Sara Sydney concert playing loudly on my very large TV and my digital art software open and ready to work with clear outlines of these fantastic women who are singing their souls...

Old Soul Art

New portrait art for the Old Soul Art series called Wide Eyed. Digital art images and image gallery of the Old Soul Art digital portrait series.

Portrait Art Frida Gustavsson

Portrait art of Frida Gustavsson by artist Mary Clanahan.

Cityscape Portrait Art

Cityscape portrait art by artist Mary Clanahan. Lots more cityscape, city art and portraits in Fine Digital Art site. Shop art prints, posters, canvas.

Artist Artwork, Portraits

Artist artwork featuring fine digital portraits by artist Mary Clanahan. Featured image of band Haim called Haim Fans.

Fine Digital Portrait Art

FIne digital portrait art by artist Mary Clanahan. Digital portraits in the fine art gallery, shop posters, prints, canvas art and learn with fine digital art tutorials.

Portrait Art Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez portrait art by Fine Art America artist Mary Clanahan. Thank you for asking but JLo art is not for sale, only for your internet enjoyment.

Art Print Marilyn Monroe

Art print information about Marilyn Monroe. FAA prints on canvas, poster, metal and acrylic. Marilyn Monroe artwork by FAA artists with great prices and lots of talent.

American Indian Art

American Indian portrait art by artist Mary Clanahan. See American Indian art gallery and art tutorials.