New Art

New digital art created with Corel software called Meteorite Von Tresey. I’ve been distracted lately with hurricane Irma moving through Naples but we lived and we are close to getting back to normal. Hurricane Maria is on the same track as Irma which is scary to say the least. Getting over Irma’s destruction is no small thing, I’m glad to turn to my art for expression, balance and a better frame of mind. Healing is slow but sure. My art has not deviated from its center, humanity. Last night’s piece was complete in about 3 hours. That’s not preferable as some valued steps may be missed along the 15,000+ keystroke journey to complete a piece of my artwork, but I was on a roll and it was quick work or no work. St Louis is in trouble, the kind of trouble that will invade the dreams of a recent hurricane survivor, pushing aside the wind and water of ravage to pay heed to human suffering of a different, more destructive kind. Damage is done in St Louis that may not be so easily undone. Unlike Irma’s tropics, there is no after St Louis clean up party, but there is an army of volunteers willing to risk all for the safety of strangers in harm’s way. Where I fall in the argument of humanity is my saving grace, is on the side of love and equality. I believe all folks have basic human rights and it shows in my artwork if I want it to or not which is more than fine because some things are self-evident and have concurrent permission to seethe. Thankful for all prayers and thoughts during certain danger, I’m redirecting them to the mid-west, to the heart of humanity.