Train photography has always been a love of mine. When I was a little girl I lived in the mid-west,my town was called Poplar Bluff. I was the one with skinny arms and legs, unruly curly blonde locks and coke-bottle glasses. Once I was old enough to go exploring on my own, I could usually be found down by the Black River at the train yard. The train yard was a magical place for me and I never grew tired of the sights and sounds. To this day, I am ever soothed by the whistle of a train as it comes through town. As I got a little older and could afford to dream bigger, I would sit by the river with the trains in sight, and daydream about hopping a train and riding the rails south to the Gulf of Mexico where I would become an artist and live on the beach in a tent. I know, sounds ridiculous but I was young. When I got my first camera, I made a trip to the train yard to take some shots of my favorite things there in the shadows and brilliant lights of the rails and river. The photographs from that day are amazing, you may see no only what there was to see that day but what I love about those views. My dreams always come flooding back when I see those photos and I escape now and then to the happy place of my childhood. The train yard is a brilliant place to exercise your photographic techniques. My photography of train yards makes me proud.

The featured photograph is called Train Yard Youth Spring, from the Photography Series of 2005. I am going to put all of the train yard photographs in the Photography Gallery. Hope you dig them as much as I do.

Train Photography