Photography and Art.. Photographs are a big part of my art. When I am not exclusively creating digital paintings, I use photos when creating my digital art. After digging on some of my photographs lately, choosing what to create art with, I’ve decided that some of it is good enough to go in my art gallery website. I hope you dig the work as much as I dig my camera.

I use an old Kodak that I’ve named Bob. I am not loose in the brain, I just enjoy calling the things that I love and that help me to create art by name. Bob is a good old camera, he was made in 2005 which is old in the life of cameras. There have been so many new types of cameras made since the inception of Bob but I wouldn’t trade my camera for anyone of those newer models. Bob catches light and movement like none other. My camera likes it best when capturing images at 80 mph, I’m not the one driving of course. Some of my best photographs are from a moving car.

I hope to continue creating photography and art. My camera has seen better day and it’s time for a new Bob but I find new free to use images all the time online. Most of my projects lately include historical photos from Wikipedia. Lots of wonderful imagery there which sparks my creativity.

The featured image above shows how I created the artwork called Exalt. There were quite a few more edits in between those crucial steps but that does about sum up that piece. It can be easy once you figure out the do’s and don’t of digital art and photography.

Thanks for visiting the Fine Digital Art Gallery, have a look around at the art galleries and enjoy the art blog about art tools, art history and much more.