Photography, Art and Album Covers.. what a great combo! Photography is a huge part of my digital art, especially when creating album cover art. Giving any simple photo fantastic uniqueness is easy. The editor I use is a free online photo editor called PicMonkey, the number of different looks I can give one base image is unlimited. I could edit a single photo for hours and come up with so many unique looks but never tire of that base image. I dig using overlays of my own photos, then manipulate colors, textures and light to get something that absolutely glows.

Music inspired art is fun to create, especially when you play that music loud while creating the art. To be an artist of album covers is a dream job of mine, to be doing any version of it is so awesome. I’m thankful for the¬†opportunity to make album art. It’s a blast to make digital art of all kinds, but I am loving the creation of album cover designs and the photography I’ve had to work with has been top-notch.

The artwork featured here was created for the Art for Friends Series in 2012. I made them at the request of good friends from the band Tester. They needed some artwork for promoting an album release and liked what I had been putting out in the form of digital art. I hope they dig the outcome as much as I. You can find the entire Tester art series in the Art for Friends Gallery.

Album Cover Photography