Photo Into Art Software.. Turning photographs into art is fun and can be easy. When I make my photo art, I choose to use PicMonkey, a free online photo editor. I am a member of the Royal PicMonkey so I get lots more buttons that do awesome art stuffs but the free version is just as great for a beginner. I make my photo into art with overlays so Picmonkey is perfect for me.

You may choose to use the one click technique when turning your photographs into art. Paintshop, ArcSoft and Perfect Photo  are personal editors that will do the job. I did try the one click software but I didn’t like the outcome or the lack of activity on my part. I’m used to spending 5 to 7 hrs on one piece not 5 to 7 seconds. The best one click art scenarios include an intense thought process and preparation long before the actual photograph is taken. Without the act of art, your work may have the ‘look’ of photo into art software which is not so great. So the trick to not looking cheap and fake is to use your own thoughtful photos. Plan your shoots or choose your shots based on how they will look as a one click photo into art piece. When all of the hard work comes beforehand, it is still hard work. Ya dig? Check out Digital Scholarship, a .org with the right ideas and good links about software for turning photographs into art with one click. I like their article The Best Software for Creating Digital Art from Photographs by Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

If, like me, you use image overlays to create your photo into art, you will most likely want to experiment with some good software. Think about upgrading to art and photo software like Adobe Photoshop or Corel PaintShop. If money is an issue, check out some older versions of Photoshop as a free download online. Because I own Corel Paintshop Pro x7, I use an older Photoshop Elements and CS2, they seem to have everything I need when working with basics. Newest versions of any software will work better with your updated personal technology, but in a bind, older, free versions are like a saving grace to the creative process. I tried out Adobe and Corel software before buying Corel PaintShop Pro x7. It kinda rocks but I wish I had the newer Corel PaintShop Pro x9 Ultimate

There are lots of other photo editor software options. There are free online photo into art websites like Pixlr, Paint.Net, and PhotoPlus. Adobe also has a free online express editor called Adobe Online Express. It’s a cloud pay by month set up that I opted out of with some reservation. I really like the inclusion, having access to all the Adobe software but, for now, the monthly cost is better used on Dropbox or Google Drive for extremely large art files.

Photo into art software can be as easy or as complicated as you are ready for. I never really liked using the one button photo into art scenario, I enjoy creating from scratch using my own algorithms. To each his own but I must say, one click leaves me wanting.

The featured artwork for Photo Into Art Software article is called City Siren by Mary Clanahan. You can find more city art in the new City Art Gallery. I get most of the digital images for art which I crop into samples of color, light, line and shape, in Creative Commons or Pixabay.

For more about photos into art software, check out an article at Digital Scholarship called The Best Software for Creating Digital Art from Photographs by Charles W. Bailey, Jr., Digital Artist