The Olympics in digital art is so fun to make and is as easy as you might think. Becoming inspired by the Olympians is a fabulous experience. Everyone of them have a special something that propels them to compete with the best in the world. I feel like I need to honor that by doing my best to create art that shows that special thing these inspirational athletes posses.

This artwork is a piece from the art gallery and series called Olympic Art. It was created in August of 2012 and I will add to it throughout every future Olympics. A full gallery of digital art I couldn’t help but create while watching the 2012 Olympics. London is beautiful, the athletes are formidable and they shine like the medals they dream about. I suppose the art kept me from welling up over the humanity of it all. I mean, did you see that opening ceremony? Once white light winged birds on bikes came out, I was a goner. It may be that I’m getting older and therefore more weepy but I think it was just that good.