Logos Graphic Website Design.. The world of 3D graphics is so awesome I knew I was missing out on something big without having access to Adobe Photoshop CS6 edition. I do some graphic design for websites with Netometry and can’t wait to use some of the new things I’ve learned while making my own website.

Website Design Logos GraphicsI created a new logo for the this website with the 3D options in Adobe Photoshop. I am knee-deep in a free trial of the wonderful Creative Suite Master Collection or CS6. Loving everything about it, especially the 3D options. I barely scratched the surface of the options available. I dig the outcome and I think it looks awesome on the website. Jumps right out at you : ) Something about that red and blue, it really pops.

Here are a few other logos I made with the Adobe Photoshop CS6 software. I dig the look and used them on for a while. Right now I am using the M with a circle and circuits in gold. It looks great and I’ve gotten lots of good comments about it. I made that one with PicMonkey online photo editor.