This post is to help you Learn SEO.. You will Learn How To SEO Websites..  This is an educational post for artists with websites that need SEO, but could be applied to any website in need of SEO. The rules do change now and then but SEO or search engine optimization has pretty much stayed the same for years. When it comes to SEO, the most important things to remember are title, url/link, using your subject in the text body and meta_data information. I will go over each of these with you.

Let’s talk about SEO and why it’s important to your digital artistic presence online. The following is an SEO checklist, some guideline to follow when creating a new post/page online.

SEO checklist for returning high in search engine results. It may seem strange to combine SEO and art in one post but the truth is, they do go hand in hand. Doing SEO for your website is much like choosing the best materials and subject matter in order to create the best art possible. The following is a list and description of how I applied SEO to this post

title  Learn SEO.. I chose the most important words in this post for the title. I call these working words and each belong to a tier or order of importance.
url/link I used the best working words or words belonging to tier one, from the title. I got rid of the non working or useless words like a and the. These words have no tier as they are pretty much obsolete when it comes to importance. Then I dismiss the second tier words that are not as important as the top-tier words, in this case,’how to’ and ‘websites’  were taken out. I will use these words in the first sentence of the body text with a bold or italicized emphasis. Doing so will let the search engines know of their importance and that the post or page is actually about what the title and meta data proclaims. I also added the second tier words to the meta description and meta keywords or tags. Notice, I did not use the word art in the url/link as the word is already in my main url fine-digital-art, adding it twice will actually lessen the value of the word not strengthen. Never use a single word in a url or title more than once, it is considered a big no no in the world of SEO and search engines do not approve.
meta_description Adding meta_description to your WordPress post or page is very valuable. The meta_description must be short and to the point. Search engines will employ the description together with the tags/keywords to tell them where your post/page should be offered in search engines as a valid return. In this case we may apply any order to the used meta info to find this website in search engines. For example, learn how to SEO websites, SEO websites, learn SEO, and so on.
meta_keywords I used art, learn, seo.. keep it simple and only use your most important working words. Add one more than usual when considering the year which is important for time sensitive material like up to date SEO information and currently available art software.

To clarify, using strong descriptive words as you create a post or page will enable you to have strong descriptive meta keywords, tags and meta descriptions. Never leave a descriptive blank space blank, if you are meant to describe a post or page in that space, do so. I’ll say it again, if you do not add descriptions and keywords or tags, the search engines like Google will never know how to offer your post/page in search returns. As I noted before, I also add bold or italics to my most important working words in the body of my post/page. This tells the search engine that my post/page is most definitely about whatever my title/url/tags/keywords say it is. Again, for this post, I am adding bold and italics to learn how to SEO and to art websites and adding italics to search engine optimization to further emphasis that this post is about SEOUsing your tags and or keywords in at least one sentence is important. You should never add a tag/keyword to meta information that you have not used in the post/page itself.

I hope my SEO checklist for the learn how to SEO art websites was useful. Ah, see what I did there? I added italics to my working words and used them at the end of this post to emphasize once again for the search engines that yes, this post is legitimate and yes, do offer it to those artists looking for information about SEO. I hope you learned a bit about SEO, if you leave with anything, make it this, titles and tags/keywords should be simple single words separated by commas that are original and descriptive. Please, leave comments if you have questions or advice. Thank you for hanging out in the art blog.