Inspiration Digital Art.. I get so much inspiration from digital art. When I create with computers, it is so easy to integrate muses. Music is a brilliant way to guide or influence ones mood and resulting artwork. This moody work of art is called¬†Syllabus Squared, it is from the Urbicolous Series of 2012. It was inspired by my love for Royal Thunder, a band from the Atlanta area. Their last album called CVI is one of my favorites and has inspired much of my work. This piece’s starting point after choosing the right music, was an image of a good friend who didn’t mind at all when I used his image as a base for digital art. He is a poet so getting digital art inspiration from him is the easiest thing ever. I appreciate his encouragement and support more than he will ever know.

The featured art work can be found in the Urbicolous Art Gallery along with many more pieces inspired by my good friend the poet.

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