Trees, Pastels Impressionism Yes impressionism is the idea here. I can’t shake the spring art, loving the pastels, the colors are so soft. This piece makes me happy. Happy is priceless. I will continue this line of thought and creativity. Maybe spring will respond with a beautiful entrance.

This is from an article called. Feel free to copy and share in your social sites. You can use the share buttons down below too. Your sharing of my artwork thrills me! I appreciate seeing my art out on the internet in places I did not put it. The viral life of my images is crazy, some of my art have had more adventures in 44 days than I have in 44 years.

I am proud of my artwork and honored to share. I believe when you digitize an image and upload it to the interweb, you must assume that image is in the public domain. I may ask others to respect my artwork in very large format for print which is located in my Flickr. Every pro user in Flickr honors that request loyally. But the art that I post here on the site, in Facebook, Google+, Twitter and the like, are up for grabs. The idea I latched onto early in my art endeavors, is that art belongs to everyone. The art I create isn’t for me or mine. Especially the best digital art I make, those are the ones that I see out there in the world living a viral life without me. I do not want to impose or interject myself into the work. There are instances where that is appropriate but  as a rule, I leave me out. The art will belong to more people if it belongs less to me.

That said, copy, share, spread the Mary art with love. I toss this work into the public domain. I hope it will mean something to you. To see more of my impressionism art, visit the Impressionism Art Gallery.

Trees Pastel Impressionism

Hi Ya Stumblers! Thank you again for the thumbs up! You rock, just sayn.