How To Digital Art.. Visit the newest page for a digital art how to. Learn how to make art the way I do!  I created a step by step to illustrate how I made the feature image above. The piece is called Sight Unseen, made with PicMonkey photo editor.

I am slowly learning how teach this art stuff. It will take some time to figure out what’s important and what’s not but for now, find out how I make digital art by clicking the buttons below. Any questions or advice, please click Mary Clanahan

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I started this piece with a white background image, titled and tagged for internet and print. I sized it to 2500x2500px then added my first overlay. An overlay is another image laying over the original image. You may add as many as your computer will allow, some do become bogged down and too slow. The program will ask if you want to save your work at a size and quality level less than what you will need for art, tell it no thank you. You should save your work at the highest size file possible. PicMonkey will only let me save up to size 4000x4000px. I then re-size my artwork to print standards with Adobe software. –How To Make Digital Art