Digital Art, Learn How..

Digital Artist, How I Create Digital Art.. After creating digital artwork just about every day for two years, I do find a distinct rhythm to my art making pathways. It did take the full two years to get the art of creating digital art down to that distinct rhythm. In the world of painting with any medium, you will make choices based on the best result. Type of canvas for longevity, type of paint for the same reason and lots of other artistic decisions along the way.

There’s a reason why I no longer paint, mixing was my downfall, no matter what colors I started with, I usually ended up with mauve. I gave in and said I was having a mauve period but it was obvious, I was no mixologist. If I had stuck with it and sought education about it, I would have mastered mixing paint but I was distracted by this thing called the personal computer. Early in my experience as a computer user, I stumbled onto a simple photo editor that changed my entire outlook for the artwork I was trying to expel.

Preparing photos for inclusion as overlays.. You can edit each photo in Adobe or any image editor that will allow property adjustments. There are things an artist must do in certain order when creating digital art. Open your carefully chosen editor. Choose your basic layout ie starting image type, resulting file type and how it will be interpreted long-term by a user based digital language. Consider if work will be transparent on any part of the image either to facilitate result or as part of the scene and/or story-line. If so, you will save your work as a png or gif file. If your editor allows you to set your preferred color settings, as in CMYK for print, rgb for art only viewed online. Set privacy standards, titles, permissions, copyright, attachments and any information you wish to add to your resulting artwork. It is smart to edit information on each individual image/overlay used throughout one piece of art.

To learn more about how to create digital art, visit the page How To Make Digital Art which will talk about how to begin and complete your digital art. I share with you an art project from beginning to end. Also visit Learn How To Create Digital Art there, you will learn how to properly prepare for your digital art projects.

I will edit this page and post to further display and describe my actual art techniques. For now, we will discuss how to prepare your photos as overlays for your digital artwork.