Digital Deviant Artwork

Digital Deviant

Digital Deviant Artwork is the newest series for 2013. I love the idea of exploring human sexuality, it interests almost all humans. I think I’ll look a bit further than the typical sexual surface to examine the psychology of human behavior when confronted with the sociological implications of the definition of sexuality.

How does it affect our individual sexuality when we are influenced by the most popular definition? The answer to what is sexy changes through the ages but it seems the evolution of that process is the perfecting of the change and acceptance of that change. Willing adaptation is key when morphing for the sake of being desirable.

How does one view another’s desires and does the individual feel the need to keep those desires to oneself when it doesn’t quite mesh with the most popular definition of sexuality? I know, you wish I would stick to the sexual surface when it comes to interpreting through art but to create such sexually charged artwork, I have to dive deeper into the why’s and research our inclinations. Sex for sex sake is truly awesome but there’s a time and place for everything and this is where I study what interests me most and sex for sex sake does not interest me most. SO, on with the art of Digital Deviant.

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