Autumn Colors of digital art and Zen Art and both Impressionism art. Autumn Colors is part of the forest art series in that I made it on the same day as some of the Rainbow Forest pieces. I dig the colors and find that many others do too. This post gets lots of views so I decided to make it better with the Autumn Colors artwork. Hope you dig!

The digital art series Zen Art was a nice break from any complicated subject matter. The series was relaxing to create and I would indeed hang any one of the resulting artwork on my walls. I created the bottom piece for the #AutumnColors assignment from the MLAA Course Syllabus™ of Moan Lisa’s Art Akademie™.  I got an A+! I was a happy student and ended up adding 180 new artists to my art Google+ art circle. That circle is the bomb! I dig my new friends and will forever be reminded of new beginnings every time I see this artwork. Thanks Mona Lisa, for including me in your invitations, I humbly accept. If you are an artist or art lover, come by my Goog+ and check out ‘the art’ circle. Many good people to add.

Hope you dig the art blog and the many artist galleries on the website. Thanks for the visit, please comment if you like. All are welcome here in the land of Zen Art. Check out more Zen Art and Impressionism Art

Autumn Colors, a landscape by Mary Clanahan

Landscape Autumn Colors