Digital Art Tools Galleries.. Using Flickr images through a coolEye gallery  is a great idea when you are promoting your personal growth, evolution or dispatching large numbers of images into awesome easy to use galleries. Flickr is a stickler for following the rules. Their site is so huge, they must keep it ship-shape or lose it all to spam. One of those rules states that you may not sell or advertise anything in Flickr. You may not price or describe any item with intent to sell an item. I dig this rule and find it innocent in it’s provocation. I load my art into my Flickr then pull them onto the website with a fine gallery. I promote and sell only from my website, leaving Flickr alone or as a place for visitors to view my art in larger sizes.

There are lots of great digital art tools available through WordPress. Just use your WordPress plugin search and ask for image galleries. I choose to use the coolEye because it rocks and I can fit lots of images on one page. The coolEye gallery is a WordPress plugin. I simply added the plugin to my theme and configured it to show my preferences. Then I add a gallery to any page or post by clicking the coolEye circle symbol in my text editor and fill out the easy embedding code. These galleries look really great and have a modern flare. I can also add images and videos from Picasa and YouTube.

Below you will find a coolEye gallery. I added some of my favorite artwork to this one so you could see how the coolEye looks and works.

Flickr hasn’t changed much at all since its inception and for that I am grateful. Something as important to me as my art deserves a home away from home that will remain.

[coolEye search=72157632538776469 how=album width=1080 height=500 source=flickr rows=5 theme=light opacity=.1 chrome=hide tilt=5 brand=hide toolbar=hide exactfit=yes]