Digital art and photography go hand in hand for my free online photo editor. I combine photography and an edit process to create what I call digital art. I’ve enjoyed photography for decades but I’m fairly new to digital design. I tried my artistic brain with acrylic and oil paint but found the mixing to be tedious. With an editor, I can put aside my angst in the creating of paint and concentrate on the creating of art. I do believe there is an art to the painting preparation, it takes an artist to commit to the discipline of the mixing of paint. I assure you, It is no easy task.

The newest art in the Fine Digital Art galleries are photography based compilations inspired by the relationship between a city and it’s people. They are included in the Urbicolous Gallery. My study of a city and it’s people. Fine Digital Art Gallery is full of color, texture, light and shadow, compassion, honesty, intensity and power.

This website is my studio and a free online editor is my workshop. I love making art and I have hopes that you will too. Find a simple editor, manipulate your favorite photography and combine the outcome. Let your photography collaborate in-order to tell a story with digital art. A story that changes with each new edit of color and light, texture and shadow. Art can change lives, creative redemption is not just for the seeking art lover, it is also for the artist.

As I said, I use a free online editor. I’ve used a few over the last year and fell in love with a website called That photo editor has closed and the website is no longer available. I did some searching and found what I needed at It is an online photo editor that has almost everything that Picnik had. I like to load a base image, some photograph that caught my eye or tugged at my heart. I pull out the colors, sharpen or fade the texture and light. It basically gets a polish before applying overlays to it, I see to it the base image can stand on its own and retain its original structure and idea. The overlays I choose depend on their relationship to the base image, they are mostly my own photographs but I sometimes use the geometric shapes or other shapes offered by PicMonkey. They do not have the image overlays like Picnik but I like using my own better anyway. The size of the work must be considered before render, for print options. The larger the better. I much to learn in the world of fine art printing but I’ll get there. When I do, I’ll share with you all that I’ve learned.

Give it a go! Open, there’s no need to register or sign in. PicMonkey is completely free and easy to use. You can move on to more complicated software once you understand the basic functions of creating art digitally. I prefer to do my work in the free editor. I seem to be doing fine with it but I can’t wait till I’m ready to move on to the big guns like Photoshop. I like my artwork and it’s given me a great amount of pride. I hope you will too.

Vintage Ruby photography into digital art by Mary Clanahan

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