Digital Art Inspiration.. It has helped me to cultivate new relationships. Friends and family have always been an inspiration for new art. I welcome new friends and find networking, sharing is priceless for a new artist, just saying hi goes a long way. I have some new friends this year who would like to commission some of my art. I can’t wait to begin and find all kinds of inspiration at the thought.

I am now accepting commissions for the summer. I would like to keep at least five projects going until the end of summer. Right now, I am working with The Hamilton Ohio City Garden HUGS with city garden murals. See them by visiting my Facebook Page. I am also creating graphic art for a few websites which is fun. Soon, you will see my art work in the Palm Springs Park Disc Golf Course website and I just finished a new design for Netometry Web Design and SEO.

I am working with portrait art much more lately.. I have light weight black and white bleed in portraits like the one below called Deconstructing Ezra. I am a big fan of E Miller, Sons of an Illustrious Father is a the top of my listening collection right now. Of  course I made some artwork with his pretty face. The image featured above is called La Roux Mother Gold. My inspiration for this digital art is Elly Jackson from the band La Roux. Elly is beautiful and has wonderful vocals, she gives me constant inspiration. I know now, I’m not the only one. Lots of La Roux lovers out there. To see more of what come from great inspiration, check out my digital art of  Elly Jackson and Ezra Miller, please visit the Portrait Art Gallery.

Digital Art InspirationDeconstructing Ezra by Mary Clanahan

 Inspiration Digital Art