Digital Art, Graphic Prints.. Digital art rocks! I’ve been having fun with graphic print ideas tonight while working on a 10 piece series of digital art for the Portrait Art Series and three for the Landscape Art Gallery.  In my extra time (yeah right) I made up some graphic art for a disc golf website in Naples FL. The art is web ready but I also gave them color variants and better sizing for digital prints. Busy day!

The featured image above is one I created last-night. It was made with a free online photo editor and consists of only 2 layers and a few edits of size, color, texture, depth, light and shadow. I enjoyed making this one and it’s counterparts which you can find in the Portrait Art Gallery

Thank you for hanging out in the fine digital art website. I hope I helped you to dig digital art just a little more. Much of my work is available for sale as prints. I also make lots of graphic art for web and print. For more information on commission and web work, contact me here or in Twitter @maryzenx