Digital Art Gallery Prints.. The digital art gallery pages in the Fine Digital Art website are starting to fill up! So good to see all the hard work payoff. As I’ve said many times before, I really DIG the Pattern Portrait Art. I think I’ve hit a stride with this one, I created about 20 individual pieces yesterday. Took me a good 12 hours to do but I just couldn’t pull myself away. Loving the free editor called PicMonkey  and what it lets me do though it was probably never intended for my kind of editing. I’ve missed Google’s photo editor Picnik like crazy but PicMonkey has many of the same features and what it does not have, I’ve figured out how to create myself. I’m proud of the work and I hope you enjoy the galleries.

The digital art work featured here is called Beside Himself from the Pattern Portrait Art Gallery. It and the others in that series will be available for sale as prints in my Fine Art America store. A few of them have already been snatched up by a website owner who builds websites. I make most of the art for the websites Netometry develops. Most proud of the front page of their site right now. Looks really great. Those prints will be around for a while, I’m digging the options FAA offers. These would look so cool printed on metal.