Data Visualization as art? Yes please! Viral photo visualization is a real thing that gives me goosebumps and I hope we see more of in the future. Famous Failures, is a photo and the video below is it’s journey. This is incredible and I couldn’t stop watching it so, I decided to share it with you. This is the graphed history of a single photo called Famous Failures. Original post, Data Visualization: Photo-Sharing Explosions by Stamen. I wish I could track my digital art.. see it’s life beyond me.

“Each visualization is made up of a series of branches starting from a single person. As the branch grows, re-shares split off on their own arcs, sometimes spawning a new generation of re-shares, sometimes exploding in a short-lived burst of activity. The two different colors show gender, and each successive generation becomes more and more white as time goes by.”