Computer art, is the creation of art using computer software and it’s not a new idea. We have been inspired by art software for years. The possibilities for color, digital light and shadow, spacial relationships and artistic inspiration are limitless when using a computer to create art. There are many wonderful software tools for making art but the editor I use is a free online photo editor called PicMonkey. I am a pro user and hold and account with the Monkey, but the number of different looks I can give one base image with the free options is huge. With the pro, I could edit a single photo for hours and come up with so many unique looks but never tire of that base image. I dig using overlays of my own photos, then manipulate colors, textures and light to get something that is original and absolutely glows.

Lately, I’ve been looking at historical images of moments long ago and I am never bored when overlaying, overlapping them, chosen to tell their collective story of time. I am in love with the idea of recycling the digital copy of old photographs into vibrant digital art. The cohesiveness of historic images is undeniable, there is always a sense of excitement and possibility. The faces of that time and space are familiar to me and I find comfort in adding them to my works of digital art.

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