City Art Cityscape..  Lots of city art coming out of my editor lately. I’ve made one a day over the last month. They are fun to make and allow me a certain amount of escapism. Cityscapes are dreamy and give an artist the opportunity to find the soul of a city.

I began these a few months ago with one clear example of city art or cityscape, it was multicolored, light and shadow art with a city backdrop. It looked really cool and I knew I would come back to it and begin an entire city art series. I was asked to make some city garden art for Hamilton OH, a city I love. I took on the challenge with a smile and made lots of cool city garden art for my lovely client to choose from. Recognition is everything when it comes to getting your art out there, lots of Hamiltonian art lovers will see my artwork and know where they can find more.

Cityscape art series is up and running! Now that the city garden art is complete, I have all this wonderful city art leftover. I’m going to put together a new art gallery for all this cool city art. Thinking it will be received well, my friends and family on Facebook love them, I hope you will too.

The featured city art cityscape is called City Optimist by Mary Clanahan. You can find more city art by visiting the City Art Gallery.