The best digital art software.. From what I’ve used thus far, of course, the best digital art software is Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended.  It’s a pretty basic editor but I am a starving artist so the CS6 has plenty of options to play with. CS6 Extended is a really great tool for design and art. The 3D editor is awesome and the drawing and digital paint tools are nice. I will not be able to purchase CS6 anytime soon, the price is just too high. Adobe does offer the Creative Cloud with monthly payments for those who want access to CS6 other best software tools offered by Adobe. If I saved up my cash for the newest Adobe software of my choice, it would be much less expensive over time than the Creative Cloud, however, having access to all of the software by Adobe is a great idea so the Cloud does work well if you need all of the best digital art software tools.

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