Art, Music and Mlny

Music, Mlny and Art is inspired by Royal Thunder’s bassist and vocalist. She is one of the most bada** women in music. Mlny puts all hard metal vocals to shame and offers me much art inspiration. I saw Royal Thunder in a small venue in 2012, I was glad to have seen them there, got to meet them and hang out for a while. They are all very nice and extremely cool people. I have not doubt that soon, Royal Thunder will be selling out huge stadiums.

I used PicMonkey to create this digital art. PicMonkey is a free online photo editor but I give the monkey a bit o’ cash every year so I can play with the big buttons that more cool arty options. I dig PicMonkey, the way it works appeals to my brain and artistic vision. Just for fyi sake; Creating art is my hobby which is why sometimes I create art from photos taken by other very cool people, sometimes, those are very cool famous people. They should know that I love them and create art with their photos because they are so darn awesome. If and when I do decide to sell prints of my art, I would never sell items like this created with other photographers photos, I would use all copyright free or my own photos.

 Mlny Base Metallic Fuse, Music Art Series by Mary Clanahan

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