Art and Artist.. I really love my job as an artist. The world is open to me in ways it never would have been if not for art. Being an artist is interesting and fulfilling, I will continue on this unbelievably wonderful path as long as I can. There is still so much to learn and express.

I get much inspiration from other artists. The artists that influence me are historic and modern alike.  I admire the works of Edgar Degas, Gustav Klimt and Claude Monet, as well as Jerico Santander, Kazuhiko Nakamura and Mario Sanchez.

To learn more about art, visit Art History by Khan Academy or visit The National Gallery’s Learn About Art. To see more of my art, visit The Art Gallery.

The world of art and artist is a wide one that will take much more than a life-time to explore. My education began with a very large history of art book my favorite aunt and uncle gave to me for Christmas one year. I read that book cover to cover many times and discovered what I liked best about art and artists. It wasn’t long before I began to sketch which led to painting which led to sculpting. I began making digital art in 2009 with a simple photo editor and a single overlay. My techniques number in the hundreds and I use about 50 overlays in my art now. The pathways I keep are my art, I have a system to making art digitally and follow it to a fault. I get stale now and then when I begin the same way every time. I find that changing it up now and then can cause freshness and inspire a new direction but I mostly do stick with a routine.

The featured art is cutout layer art called Echo Pale Aqua by artist Mary Clanahan. To see more art from the cutout layer art project, visit Cutout Layer Art Gallery.