Spiral Seashell

Layer Print
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Spiral Seashell layer print called Nautilus by Fine Art America artist Mary Clanahan. Hi that’s me, a digital artist with out of date photo editing software and the wish to express myself. I find the nature of spiral seashells beyond interesting and a perfect opportunity to study nature and art. I am always pleased with the result of this interest and will continue to inspire a thought process within the limits of the nautilus. You’ll find these seashell art prints in my secure online art print store.

Golden Spiral Layer Art

Abstract Portrait Art

Abstract portrait art in an image gallery by fine digital artist Mary Clanahan

New Print Abstract Garden Palm

New abstract garden print called Palm Tree by Mary Clanahan. Art prints of garden inspired artwork with a rainbow of flower colors, greens and natural browns.

Abstract Engine

Abstract art called Engine Therm Rust created by Mary Clanahan. Artwork with art gallery links.

Paysage Abstrait

Paysage Abstrait or Abstract Landscape, whatever you call them, they are awesome and fun to make.


Color can be an important part of art, it can inspire an artist to create great works. Color art gallery, information links and an art blog full of color.