Seashell Art

by Mary Clanahan
about artist

Seashell Art lots and lots of seashell art? No, not yet anyway. I will rededicate myself to observing the beauty of seashells and try my best to express how it feels to do so with new seashell artwork. No doubt, if I put myself in the path of seashells, I will be a happier person and it will show in my artwork. At the very least, I will have been at the beach in January appreciating every moment.

I used computer software called Corel to create my seashell art with a layering technique using color and shape.

You can buy my seashell art prints, or check out more of my other fine digital art.

Art Seashell

Seashell art shown is by fine digital artist Mary Clanahan. See more seashell art in the Layer Art Gallery.

Hamilton OH Landscapes

Hamilton Ohio landscape art by digital artist Mary Clanahan

Abstract Portrait Art

Abstract portrait art in an image gallery by fine digital artist Mary Clanahan

Sunny Forest Landscape

Sunny Forest Landscape art is fine digital impressionism style art by artist Mary Clanahan.


Landscape art of ocean beaches, forests, rolling hills, sunsets, sunrises, cityscapes and more. Landscapes by fine digital artist Mary Clanahan

Horizon Beach Ocean Landscape

Horizon Beach is ocean landscape art by fine digital artist Mary Clanahan. Buy art prints or view image gallery of landscape art.