Music Is Art Series

Music Is Art Series is going strong. Making at to the sounds of my favorite music just seems right. It’s all part of the job now, great tunes, great artwork. This gallery displays all of the Music Is Art series artwork I have worked on so far. There are a lot and many more to come. They are primarily portraits but there are a few pieces here simply because they were inspired by music.

Music and Art

Finding new music is one of my favorite things about life so far. Soul, rhythm and blues, jazz were some of my first loves. I added some new genres in the early 90’s and was glad I did, I loved the music of that era, still do. Alice in Chains, Nirvana, anything with distorted electric guitars and lyrical geniuses at the helm. These days I go for anything that is done not just well but with perfection. The art, for me, is in the writing, learning, practicing and the letting it rip live. I dig the whole story, the part when only their mothers knew how great they were to the part where they are the definition of music. It takes a lifetime to create a complete artist, the road is the journey and the journey is unending. Any band or performer who goes to the length required for perfection of their art has my respect. That any other can express exactly how I feel is a miracle yet done everyday. Gotta love that too.

Music Is Art Aviator Blues Memphis
Music Is Art Prince

Art and Music

Music has inspired art and art has inspired music for as long as there have been both, art and music sitting in a tree..  2012 has been a great year for music and being inspired by music when making art is easy for me, I’ll be taking advantage of that by creating the sh*t out of some art with loud and proud music that I love playing in the foreground. I hope you can see my journey and respect my view-point. I will do my best to learn and grow as a person and artist while hoping that I succeed at perfection.

Most of these are not for sale, sorry! Some of the original images I used were not mine to sell so, nope. I love making these and will not be jeopardizing the opportunity for a buck. You can check out the art I do have available for sale in the FAA store 😉

Portrait Art

Visit the Portrait Art Gallery to see more of my portraits. I hope you can tell that I enjoy making portrait art as much as I enjoy adding them to the gallery. You will find portraits of Tilda Swinton, Ezra Miller, Maya Angelou and many more.

Portrait Art Prints

Shop my portrait art prints in the secure Fine Art America art store. Portrait art prints are on canvas, posters, archival paper, metal and acrylic. See FAA for prices and sizes. Lots of other wall art at FAA, my landscape, impressionism, abstract and city art are all there as art prints for you purchasing enjoyment.