How To Make Digital Art

Learn How To Use Overlays is a tutorialThis page is a rough tutorial that will skim the basics about how to make digital art. I will talk about how to add overlays to an original digital image and then edit to create artwork.

Click the link below to learn about how I make my digital art with overlays. I use a free online photo editor called PicMonkey, you can too. It’s easy to learn and free.

Learn How To Use Overlays

How To Make Digital Art

Learn How To Prepare Overlays setting up you overlays. You can edit each photo in Adobe or any image editor that will allow property adjustments.

This is a tutorial about the first steps to creating digital art. These steps have nothing to do with making the actual art. They are about how to prepare your ‘blank canvas’ or digital editor for new artwork.

Learn How To Prepare Overlays

How To Make Digital Art

Learn How To Make Digital Art with PicMonkey free photo editor. In this tutorial, I talk about applying overlays. This is the easiest technique I use to make digital art.

To learn more about the artist, Mary Clanahan, click About The Artist. Visit the Art Blog for art news, art prints, best artist list and much more.  See more digital art in the City Art Gallery, Landscape Art Gallery and Abstract Art Gallery.

Learn How To Make Digital Art