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What Is Cut Out Layer Art?

Cut out layer art is an art technique that uses layered patterns, paper, overlays and other materials to emphasize shape, color and light. I create cutout layer art with digital art software. This will be a limited art series.

I used Corel PaintShop Pro 7x to make my cut out layer art. I wanted to experiment to see what I could do with the software and if it fits in with my usual editor’s line-up. So far, it’s nice but lacks many of the primary editing tools I’ve come to rely on. There are some great qualities, like cutout layer art. I haven’t seen the pathways it takes to create this kind of art before. I appreciate the ease of use and would consider buying this software.

This series will be available for sale as prints on canvas, archival paper, acrylic, metal and more. Visit Fine Art America store for more about prices and options.

There is probably a proper name for this type of art. I call it cutout layer art because I have no other name just yet. I really love this series and I’m proud to offer it as prints. I will be creating them until mid May.

Cut Out Layer Art Prints

Shop Cut Out Layer Art.. I have added some of my cutout layer art to the Fine Art America store. They are my favorites of this series but if you do not see your favorites, I will be glad to add them. Contact me at for more information.

Shopping in the FAA store is a breeze, find what you like and click, you will be taken to the secure Fine Art America Website to complete your transaction. My FAA store is also available here in my website at Fine Digital Art Canvas and Prints Sale.


Cut Out Layer Art Landscapes

Cut Out Layer Art Landscapes

Layer art landscapes are 3D layer collage pieces created mathematically with digital art software.

Cut Out Layer Art Animal Portraits

Cutout Layer Art, Animal Portraits

Layer art portraits of various animals including baby animals. Birds, horses, elephants, tigers, dogs, giraffes and more.


Cut Out Layer Art Portraits

Cut Out Layer Art Portraits

Portrait layer cut out art are portraits of wonderful human beings, some I know, some I don’t know. Mostly made up of famous faces, these portraits are not for sale.