Art, Digital History.. The number of historical photographs available to artists is beyond count. These images have no copyright because of their age or non-assignment. I get my history rich photos from Creative Commons. I use the images to create digital art. I add them as overlays by taking small parts of a single digital image and adding it with others to create original art. I can manipulate each overlay anyway I see fit. I use online image editors to make my digital art.

Map Art Series began last year with the discovery of a website called Picnik, an online free photo editor which is no longer in service. I have to say, I love this series and will for the duration of ever. My love of creating art has come full circle, beginning again with the historic portraits I procured long ago. I give a fantastic collection of history themed digital images  a new life by joining them in contrast, clarity, texture, temperament and idea.

I do use my own digital images in my art, telling my own history through art. I have always enjoyed photography. From the first moment I saw the camera responsible for most of my digital photos, a Kodak named Bob, I knew I was on the right track. I had a head full of imagery and sound theories.

Enjoy my digital art, give your opinion or share whatever you’re thinking. Art matters and so do you.

I’m so glad to welcome all to the Fine Digital Art website and art blog. I am glad you made your way here. Have a look around, send me questions or comments please, I dig the communal effort when it comes to assigning the value of things, especially art. The majority of digital art I created in 2012 was digital painting with manipulation of overlays, color and translucency. I have since learned so much more and have a fine digital history that I refer to when striving to make good art.

The Braided Lady, 2012. Digital History Art by Mary Clanahan

Digital Art History