Mapping Bridges

Art Series
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Mapping Bridges Art Series.. This series has been lovely to create, I have been interested at every turn. The majority of these are for website artwork but many have a home in my conceptual and abstract art galleries. They are going to look great when up and shining as canvas prints, metal prints, acrylic prints and archival paper prints. Loving getting to say that my art is available as prints, I feel like I’ve learned enough to earned my stripes and the prints that tell my mom I am a real artist. I’ll post the link below so you can take a look and see what the one above looks like as a print.

Speaking of the print above, our featured image is from the Mapping Bridge Art Series called Steel Abstraction by artist Mary Clanahan.

The idea with Mapping Bridges Art Series is the artistic structure and resulting relationships of city life.  This series has gotten lots of attention from friends and family, I hope you dig it too. Visit my Fine Art America Art store to check out my art prints for sale.


New Art for St Louis

New art after hurricane Irma but it’s not about the hurricane. Even after such a storm, my art is still about loving others and equal rights for all. You are loved St Louis, every single one of you.

Art Portfolio Mary Clanahan

Art portfolio of digital artist Mary Clanahan including abstract art, cityscape art, impressionism art and digital art portraits.

Portrait Art Juliana

Juliana portrait art by digital artist Mary Clanahan. Portrait art inspired by music, gender and genealogy.

Hamilton OH Landscapes

Hamilton Ohio landscape art by digital artist Mary Clanahan


Architecture in art is a must study if you create cityscapes. Check out my art as I give a nod to architecture with a gallery of cityscapes.

Abstract Portrait Art

Abstract portrait art in an image gallery by fine digital artist Mary Clanahan

Sunny Forest Landscape

Sunny Forest Landscape art is fine digital impressionism style art by artist Mary Clanahan.


Landscape art of ocean beaches, forests, rolling hills, sunsets, sunrises, cityscapes and more. Landscapes by fine digital artist Mary Clanahan

Horizon Beach Ocean Landscape

Horizon Beach is ocean landscape art by fine digital artist Mary Clanahan. Buy art prints or view image gallery of landscape art.

Ocean Landscape Art

Ocean landscape art by fine digital artist Mary Clanahan. Image gallery and links to landscapes of oceans and beaches.