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What Is Computer Art

What is computer art?

The answer may seem obvious: computer art is any art made by a computer or with the use of a computer. But that cannot be right. Almost all novels are now written on a computer, but that does not make them computer art. Perhaps computer art is art made by computer and that is distinctive in some way. That fails too: novels written on a computer are distinctive in being written after 1945, but that does not make these novels computer art works.

Rather, computer art is art that is made by computer and is also artistically distinctive in some way. Computer art is that one can do something artistically distinctive with computers, something that is not achievable, either at all or in practice, in other kinds of art.

Berys Gaut

2009 © Berys Gaut

Author, American Society for Aesthetics

The above paragraph is an Aesthetic article about computer art. The article goes on to say, “In computer art, a computer’s capacities are exploited for achieving artistically distinctive ends. So we need first to determine what computers can do that other things cannot, either at all or in practice. The most general characterisation of a computer is as a Universal Turing Machine” I’ll let Aesthetics explain that in-depth with the rest of the article Computer Art, by Berys Gaut.

I will just say that something being made by a computer does not make that something computer art. The art part comes from being distinctive, apart from being made with a computer. The rules do still exist, rules put in place by the art appreciating world long ago. We need not invent a new way to evaluate art simply because we have new tools. Computer art is created with a very different skill set than that of the oil painter but the effort, time, experience and the eye is the same.

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Is Computer Art Fine Art?

The sculptor’s skill is perfected by repetition of hammer and chisel. The computer artist’s skill is learned the same way, by repetition of buttons and pathways. I am familiar with computer art, that makes it easy to admire what my favorite computer artists can do with their buttons and pathways but for those who don’t know about buttons and pathways, it may be harder to know what’s good or not.

What are the standards of computer art? Is computer art considered fine art? I am still looking to answer these questions, until I do, I read articles from Aesthetics and other knowledgeable sites. I do know that with the consideration of computer art, our collective artistic definitions have expanded. We have lived with the idea of art created with computers for as long as there have been computers. We have witnessed growth and our appreciation even includes interactive computer art.

Computer Art Projects

Computer Art Projects.. I have a few art projects going at all times. Right now I am working on the layer art project, portrait art project and the city art project. These are my favorite things to do right now too so I am in artistic heaven.

I find I keep time by my art projects, the Layer Art Project began 38 days ago, every evening I make a few new layer art pieces. The Portrait Art Project is ongoing and without limits. I create computer art portraits with images of my friends, family, strangers, famous people and people I admire. City Art Project is my most favorite project to date. It started with a request for art to go into a city garden. I loved making the city art so much, I kept it going.

Computer Art Prints

Computer Art Prints.. I have been a Fine Art America artist for about a year now and love it. It is the easiest way for me to upload and sell my work, FAA does the printing, shipping and their secure site takes care of the money for me.

Shop FAA for computer art prints. Layer Art prints, Portrait Art prints and City Art prints are available as prints on canvas, archival paper, metal and acrylic. These computer art prints are from the Mary Clanahan Art Collection at Fine Art America.

Thank you for visiting my website, check out the art blog, more art prints or learn about how to make computer art.


Computer Art Tutorials

Computer Art Tutorials.. Learn how to prepare your digital images as overlays for art, how to create an overlay and how to use overlays to collectively create a single work of art .

Learn How To Create Digital Art is a computer art tutorial that talks about how to begin your art, what editors to use, how to prepare your digital images to be overlays. How To Make Digital Art is a rough tutorial that will skim the basics about how to make digital art. I will talk about how to add overlays to an original digital image and then edit to create artwork. Digital Art Tutorial is an art tutorial where you can learn how to make digital art with PicMonkey photo editor. PicMonkey is my primary editor when creating overlay art. 


New Art for St Louis

New art after hurricane Irma but it’s not about the hurricane. Even after such a storm, my art is still about loving others and equal rights for all. You are loved St Louis, every single one of you.

Art Portfolio Mary Clanahan

Art portfolio of digital artist Mary Clanahan including abstract art, cityscape art, impressionism art and digital art portraits.

Portrait Art Juliana

Juliana portrait art by digital artist Mary Clanahan. Portrait art inspired by music, gender and genealogy.

Hamilton OH Landscapes

Hamilton Ohio landscape art by digital artist Mary Clanahan


Architecture in art is a must study if you create cityscapes. Check out my art as I give a nod to architecture with a gallery of cityscapes.

Abstract Portrait Art

Abstract portrait art in an image gallery by fine digital artist Mary Clanahan

Sunny Forest Landscape

Sunny Forest Landscape art is fine digital impressionism style art by artist Mary Clanahan.


Landscape art of ocean beaches, forests, rolling hills, sunsets, sunrises, cityscapes and more. Landscapes by fine digital artist Mary Clanahan

Horizon Beach Ocean Landscape

Horizon Beach is ocean landscape art by fine digital artist Mary Clanahan. Buy art prints or view image gallery of landscape art.

Ocean Landscape Art

Ocean landscape art by fine digital artist Mary Clanahan. Image gallery and links to landscapes of oceans and beaches.