Zen City Art Inspiration

Zen City Inspiration Art

 Zen City Art Inspiration is the title for this digital art piece. One of the first from the Mapping Bridges series. It actually spawned a whole new digital art series called Urbicolous. That means city social structure, what it takes to keep a city intact. How people interact with one another sets the stage for their city’s size, shape, name, street length, building height, business areas, transit constructs. These are just a few of a city’s necessities, things it must have to survive any length of time.  We really don’t appreciate enough what it took to create our most fantastic cities. The human collaborative that is New York City is legendary, we all know the fabulous history but there is still so much we don’t know and will never know.  It took all those people and all that time to make NYC what it is today. Thanks to all that came before, we have a dreamland of a city that provokes pride and a belief in not just surviving but thriving. I made up the word urbicolous because I’m an artist and I can. Rock on NYC!

Zen City Inspiration Art by Mary Clanahan

City Inspiration Zen


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