Vintage Portrait Art

This is an image of vintage portrait art called Vintage Smile. I made this digital portrait, my name is Mary Clanahan. Marrying vintage images with digital art software is easy and fun. I’ll tell you a bit about it if you like, see below.

Thanks for checking out my artwork. I appreciate your time and thoughts. See more of my vintage portraits in the Portrait Art Gallery.

Making digital art with vintage images is something I really enjoy. I began making digital art with vintage images years ago, it was my first experience with digital art software. To make the artwork Vintage Smile, I used PicMonkey online photo editor. I own a royalty account with PicMonkey so I can do much more with the website that the average user. It’s the best investment I’ve made as an artist, so far.

I found both of the images I used for this artwork in creative commons. I use the search options at cc with fervor. I like to think that my many messages to Google inquiring about a copyright and usage search option for images got that ball rolling.

When searching creative commons for free use images, you may continue your specific search parameters inside the Google image search returns page. This is brilliant and gives searchers more access to appropriate use images. Many times, I have continued my cc search for copyright free images in Google image search without being aware that there are some copyrighted images I can not use littered throughout the returns page. Google has offered us the ability to continue our search properly with the drop down option from ‘Search Tools’ called ‘Usage Rights’. Thanks Google! Remember, copyrights matter and there are tons of copyright free images there for your use.

Here are a few of my art galleries for you enjoyment, Abstract Art Gallery Landscape Art Gallery Layer Art Gallery. Some of my artwork is now available for purchase at Fine Art America.