Veruca Salt, Music Is Art

Music Is Art Veruca Salt

Veruca Salt, Music is Art series will keep going until I run out of music that inspires me which I can’t see happening. Today I was seeking inspiration for the Music Is Art series and along comes none other than Veruca Salt. A live show from 1998 that blew me away. Can’t believe I hadn’t seen it before but there you have it, in zen kitchen jammin out to Veruca and it’s so great. Time to make the art..

My favorite Veruca Salt album is American Thighs. Check it out if you haven’t heard it, well worth your ears.. This week, I’m going to listen and see what happens. Get my digital going like a champ. Check back soon for the Veruca Salt inspired artwork. Thanks so much for visiting and rockn out with me.

Sooo this is one of the early pieces, thought I’d share with you what I’ve got so far. Digging the mapping. If you dig Tegan and Sara, check out their Music Is Art page.

Veruca Salt Artwork by Mary Clanahan

Veruca Salt Music Art

No art in the Music Is Art series will be available for sale. I only wish to exercise my love for and inspiration from the music that I love.

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