Technology Art.. this is a conversation we could have for years and never cover all of the topics important enough to mention. My knowledge is less limited when it comes to describing and defining exactly what it is that I do when using technology to create art but the more I make it, the more I know. I call my artwork digital art for the lack of a better term. I use photo editors to manipulate many layers and join them with color, texture, light and shadow. My edits could take 12 hours or 12 minutes. I also paint digitally, applying small brush strokes just as I would acrylic to canvas.

The amount of new things that I’ve learned since the addition of digital art to my repertoire, make me seem and sound smart about the topic but I assure you, when it comes to the technology I use to make computer art, I know diddly. But I will! I am learning and my brain is catching up with my ease in use of the digital. I will keep making art with technology and I’ll keep posting it here with pride.

Thanks for visiting the art blog. The featured work of art is called Semi Anias, it is from the Face Art Series of 2012. Visit the Abstract Art Gallery for more of my technology and art.

Favim Opi, Technology and Art by Mary Clanahan

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