Portrait Art

Portrait Art

Portrait Art series began in early 2014. I create these as fan-art because I am truly  a fan. I choose only those subjects who touch my heart in some way. I hope you dig these, I really loved making them. The series has grown with my newest love, pattern portraits.

Portrait art is an umbrella term for a whole bunch of human forms and faces in many different artistic styles. Some of my portraits are created with patterns some with faded overlays and some are digital painting. I’ve tried to stay ahead of the learning curve and challenge myself. Think I’m doing just fine in the portrait art department.

Check out more of my portraits in Portrait Art Gallery

I’m adding the newest pattern collage portrait art to my Fine Art America store. I am accepting commission work. I would like to keep 5 projects going through the winter months. I have two started so send me an email maryzenx@gmail.com if you would like to propose a new project. I work with portrait art, impressionism landscapes, abstract art and I can blend images really well. Most of my best commissions require me to make one image out of many which is a really great thing for families and friends who can’t be with each other. I find a great amount of validation in those pieces.


  1. Stephen James Hall

    Besides the one on netometry… which is my fav 🙂 I like the red Haim one a ton. So great. Riveted Reveal Center is so great too…

    • admin

      Hi Stephen! Thank you so much, lovely compliments.


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