Nick Cave Portrait Art

Portrait art of the brilliant Nick Cave by digital artist Mary Clanahan. Nick Cave has long been an inspiration to not only my art but my general frame of mind, he gives validity to any amount of cool factor I might possess. Of course, a frame of mind is a collaboration of many influences, Nick Cave defines the sharp edge of mine. Cave is at the forefront of personal evolution through self exploration with sound, image and truth. I appreciate his experience and exaltation equally.

Check out the Nick Cave movie 20,000 Days On Earth on Cave’s website. I will be watching this as soon as it is possible.

I made this portrait art of Nick Cave with Corel Photo Pro computer software using a layer art technique. Thanks for looking at my art, to those who click like, thumbs up and share buttons, you are amazing and thank you!! Find the rest of my portrait art in the Portrait Art Gallery.