Jennifer Lopez portrait art by Fine Art America artist Mary Clanahan

JLo is an inspiration, to me and many others. We look to Jennifer Lopez for not only a fierce sense of style but for a fierce sense of humanity. Being a mother has not dampened her skills as a fashionista but has helped her to become an even more compassionate, interested human being. JLo has an artist’s eye, I would trust her to create something really great if given a brush and paint or software and printer. Go Jennifer go!
The art shown here is digital art created with computer software. I drew outlines for the portrait and added digital images as overlays. Those digital images are of different patterns, images of New York City as well as several maps of New York City. A loving nod to Jenny from the block.

I have been asked by a few fans but the Jennifer Lopez portrait art is not for sale, I’m sorry. Visit my Fine Art America store for portrait art that is for sale. JLo fans rock!

Portrait Art Jennifer Lopez