Piloting Change With Art is a digital art piece that I made in 2012. This artwork is one of my favorites because it started the Living On art series. Living On is a collection of work I am very proud of because it consists of art that says something to me about being more than just a survivor.

Most of us feel lost, broken or alone at some point, it seems to be a prerequisite of being human. We struggle with self-confidence and self-doubt on a fairly regular basis and it gets really old, especially when we are teenagers. There is an upside to all of these feelings, we grow after having them. We become better so that next time we face what made us lost, broken or alone. we may prevail without pain and suffering. My favorite people on the planet have always been people who have overcome something huge.

Those who have grown so far beyond who or what they were, I must respect and I have to know how and why. The ones who have touched extreme bottom and come back up to make it right are tops in my book. We all have the potential to touch bottom, we can all come back from it better and able to help others become so.

Living On art series is full of art that nods to those struggling and those who better themselves, even if it was just because they had no other choice. We all deserve to know what better is and how achieve it.

You can see the Living On series in the Living On Gallery or check out the Living On art prints for sale at Fine Art America.