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You Are Loved Paris

Paris, You Are Loved!

Paris is not only the capital of France, it is the very essence of western civilization. In America, we love our city of light as if it were our very own. Seeing Paris in chaos was devastating to say the least. We were there with our fellow humans in fear and reeling from loss, praying, pleading and needing it to stop. We are all one and forever changed with the amount of love that was shown during and after November 13th 2015.

I’ve always used art to deal with hardships, inspire healing and reach my potential. One of my favorite projects is called You Are Loved. Last night I added to this project with Paris in mind.  PARIS, YOU ARE LOVED!

How Can You Help Paris?

Most of us are traumatized by what we witnessed in Paris. We can never forget the faces broken with fear and loss. We felt the need the help, to stand and do something but Paris is a world away. Internet helps, sharing our own fears, worrying together with the idea of healing and prevailing. There must be a way to help beyond our hashtags and memes. Thanks to for a list of immediate ways we can make positive contributions in Paris and France.

Donate to Doctors Without BordersDonate to the French Red Cross (in French) • Donate to Restaurants du Cœur, which provides food to those in need (in French) • Donate to Secours Populaire Français, an aid organizationDonate to Solidarités International, an aid organization